Charter Oak Style Meats

Templeton, California

Charter oak style meat is....

How you would want to raise your own meat if you just had the time or space!

§ USDA Inspected
Raising wholesome natural meats is what we have been doing for 30 years on the Central Coast. Does experience show in the end product? You can Bet it does!

The Beef. Angus Beef is what we raise and sell. Beautifully marbled, it is superior in taste and consistently tender. The way we raise the beef is all-natural. There are never any antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or animal by products used in growing this beef. They live a natural Bovine life out in the pasture. As they mature they get to eat an extra desert of rolled barley.

The Lamb. Our Lamb is grass fed all natural. Just like our beef, never are any artificial substances used in their production. They live a natural Ovine life out in their pastures.

The Pork. Our Pork is all natural never any growth hormones or antibiotics used in its growing.

§ No Hormones
§ No Antibiotics
§ Locally Grown
§  Dry Aged
§   Home Delivery

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